The Long Nightmare of SNES Fans Is Finally Over

Originally planned for release in 1994, the SNES game Nightmare Busters soon found itself in development hell. Until now that is. Unbelievably, the 16-bit title is being finished and prepped for release thanks to the retro game-loving developers known as the Super Fighter Team. You can see footage of the so-called “run and gun” game’s original incarnation above — which looks to be a highwire walk between goofy and awesome. The current developers promise players a nostalgic experience that will transport you back to the era of Friends and grunge music. It was a simpler time really. Sigh. In order to cover production costs, the cartridge, packaging and instructions will be sold for $68 including shipping ($75 for those outside of the United States). So now you know how much time travel costs. See, who said Topless Robot wasn’t educational? You can get more information about Nightmare Busters and pre-order it here.