The New Japanese Avengers Trailer Almost Makes Up for Yesterday’s STJT

Almost. This trailer has a ton of new footage, including more maddeningly vague shots of the unknown bad guys, Pepper Potts, Maria Hill, hell, even Hawkeye finally gets a line. Unfortunately, yesterday’s Super Terrific Japanese Thing was fake piss, so even an awesome new Avengers trailer falls short of the horror of people manufacting pee and the stupidity of people paying for it.

But let’s talk about the unknown bad guys. Joss Whedon recently swore up and down that they’re neither Skrulls nor Kree, but the fact that they’re clearly riding techno-speeder-bike-thingie indicates to me that they aren’t frost giants or dark elves or other mythical Norse baddies. The next guess was Atlanteans, but this trailer shows they’re popping out of a dimensional portal and not the water, so I think we’re back to aliens. All I can guess at this point is that they’re Chitauri like in The Ultimates 2, which are essentially just Skrulls but with a different name. I think that’s cheating and it’s irritating — I’d rather they just call them Skrulls if this is the case — but this is the only solution I can think of that fits all the evidence. Thoughts or counter-theories, anyone?