The Venture Bros. Are in Danger, and Only Brock Samson Can Save Them (Also, They’re Toys)

brock tru 001.jpg

Remember all those 3 3/4-inch Venture Bros. action figure sets from Big Bang Pow I told you all to pre-order? Well, apparently you didn’t listen, because BBP is canceling them. Now, the line isn’t completely dead — but BBP will now be releasing them as stand-alone figures, starting with Brock sometime in July or August (incidentally, BBP explains more about the change and why they had to do it here). II know it’s a pain, and I’m sorry it has to be this way, and that we can’t just walk into a Toys “R” Us and buy a dozen Venture Bros. figures at once. But if you want VB toys — and I do — suck it up and pre-order the shit out of them because otherwise the line will die.