ThinkGeek’s Annual Soul-Crushingly Necessary April Fool’s Day Products


?As any long-time Topless Roboteer knows, I hate April Fool’s Day almost as much as I hate Michael Bay. They’re rarely funny, and they’re rarely clever, and those that actually do trick people make the internet even more awful than it normally is (also, in full disclosure, I’m pretty fucking gullible). There is one exception to this rule: ThinkGeek, which reveals a variety of awesome fake products on AFD every year, like the inflatable Star Trek Captain’s Chair above. The only reason I forgive ThinkGeek is because eventually they let people vote on which of their April Fool’s Day products they can attempt to make real, and thus are, in a kind of obnoxious way, still providing awesome, purchasable merchandise for nerds. You can check out their 2012 April Fool’s Day wares here, so you can figure out which one you hate ThinkGeek most for taunting you with its existence.

PS: That Mars Attacks musical announced on Friday? That’s fake. IDW and Topps just released the press release early so that everyone would be tricked, which is cheating and defeats the whole already dumb purpose of April Fool’s Day. IDW and Topps are assholes.