A Few Words on the Latest Blade Runner Sequel Developments

Blade Runner.jpg

My apologies for yet another Ridley Scott-related post so shortly after the last one, but I felt compelled to mention that the nebulous entity known as another Blade Runner is once again inching towards production. Deadline is reporting that the spectacularly-named Hampton Fancher — the co-writer of the original film — is in talks to script a sequel directed by Scott that “won’t focus on Ford’s character.” Before you explode with the white hot heat of a thousand suns, it’s crucial to mention that whatever this project turns out to be it is a long, long way off. Just calm down, nothing is set in stone yet. As for the plot, you’re guess is as good as mine, although The Mary Sue mentions a recent interview with Scott in which he told The Daily Beast that the film will take a page from his previous works Alien and Thelma and Louise, as well as the forthcoming Prometheus, and have a female lead. If and when Blade Runner 2 does come to fruition, it will be interesting to see if Scott and Fancher will chose to adapt K.W. Jeter’s sequel novels or come up with a new story of their own. Will they somehow convince Harrison Ford to make a cameo? What will it be called? How many Blade Runner 2: Running Out of Steam jokes will bloggers make? Will Sean Young show up on The Joan Rivers Show to petition for a role in the flick? What year is it anyway? Man, this thing brings up so many points to ponder. I think that what the whole of the Internet should do right now is take a collective deep breath, release it, and move on. There’s no point in getting all fired up about this quite yet.

But enough of my yammering, what do you all think? Is this a horrible idea or it could actually be interesting? What, if anything, would you like to see happen in a Blade Runner sequel?