TR Contest Super Special: Emails from Avengers Mansion

marvel select avengers.jpg

As befitting the greatest nerd weekend of all time and the premiere of the most bestest comic book movie ever made, I’ve got a treat for you. This weekend’s contest is sponsored by the awesome Groupon for action figures and collectibles site, who are offering three sets of three Marvel Select Avengers figures! That’s right, three winners will get 8-inch figures of movie Captain America, Thor and Hulk — and that’s not all.

we love fine avengers.jpg

Because We Love Fine is also giving away their grand prize-winning Avengers shirt design to the winners, too! So that’s three great action figures and one great shirt for three clever people. Not bad, right?
So what’s the contest? Emails from Avengers Mansion! It’s kind of like the Memos from Batman Inc. and Themyscira Inc. contests, but with emails, you can do memos, other announcements, inter-personnel stuf, personal stuff, etc. Is someone taking Cap’s lunch from the work fridge? Is Iron Man testing the sexual harassment laws with Ms. Marvel? Is Hawkeye taunting Tigra with kitten videos? Does Wonder Man still have an AOL account? Is Jarvis tired of cleaning up the bathroom after the Hulk uses it? Anything involving an Avenger, past or present, comic or cartoon or movie, is up for grabs.
Each email will need…
…and then the body of the email itself. Bonus points will be given for thinking up clever but still obvious email addresses for the characters.
You can enter as many times as you want, because a contest this awesome deserves it, but please — keep the emails short. Long ones will almost certainly be ignored. The contest ends at 12:01 am EST on Monday, May 7th. Big, big thanks to and We Love Fine for co-sponsoring this weekend’s contest — make sure you bookmark FigureoftheDay to check out their daily action figure and collectible deals, and you should check out the other winners of We Love Fine’s Design-an-Avengers t-shit contest, if you haven’t already. And while you do that (and, presumably, enter the contest several dozen times), I’m going to figure out how quickly I can watch Avengers again.