TR Meet-Up and Avengers Super Contest Update!


1) I can’t believe I forgot to mention this on Friday afternoon — I was just so excited about the Avengers contest, I guess — but the Washington, DC Topless Roboteer Meet-up is still happening this Saturday, May the 12th, at 4-9pm at Mackey’s. If you’re planning on stopping by, please let me know!

2) Since there was some comment confusion this weekend — and because the prize of three Marvel Select Avengers figures and an awesome Avengers t-shirt, courtesy of and We Love Fine, is so awesome — I want to make sure everyone gets a chance to enter, so I’m extending the contest deadline until 12:01 am EST on Wednesday, May 9th. You get another day and a half-ish! But please please ONLY ENTER IN THE COMMENTS OF THE ORIGINAL CONTEST, I.E. HERE. Not in this article. It’s going to be enough of a nightmare for me to judge without having to look in two whole different articles.