BREAKING: Yet Another Non-Scottish Person Cast as Highlander

Ryan Reynolds has officially been cast as the new lead in the Highlander franchise reboot — and when I say “official,” I mean “mentioned on a few terrible rumor sites but also reported on a few reasonable movie news sites like Empire, although they technically might have gotten the news from one of the terrible rumor sites, because oddly sites like Variety haven’t mentioned the news yet.” Even if this is true, whether this means Reynolds will be playing Connor MacLeod or a new character — oh, like a random supermarket schlub who discovers he’s immortal or something — is unknown. 

Of all the reboots coming out nowadays, I think the Highlander franchise has been fucked up enough that it could probably stand to be started over from scratch, and I generally like Ryan Reynolds (Green Lantern notwithstanding) but for some reason this match isn’t doing anything for me. Tell you what, though — cast Burt Reynolds as Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez and I’m there opening day.