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If you’ve watched Kevin Smith and AMC’s nerd “reality” series Comic Book Men, you might have been struck by how the show was simply a Pawn Stars-type “bid desperate and/or stupid people down as much as possible for their collectibles” show hosted by all worst stereotypes of people who work in comic stores. And you might have been disgusted. I was.

But now National Geographic — for reasons I can’t possibly understand — appears to be coming to the rescue with Comic Shop Heroes, a “reality” series about Midtown Comics in NYC and, more importantly, about the shop along with other nerds getting ready for New York Comic Con. I’m sure the show will feature more than a few awful people — it would be wrong to pretend they don’t exist — but based on this trailer the show seems to be a lot more about nerds chasing their dreams, no matter how big or goofy, and far less about horrible, unlikable people about fleecing nerds. I approve mightily. the show premieres on the Nation Geographic Channel (seriously, what the fuck?) on Friday, July 13th (an auspicious omen) at 8pm.