Fan Fiction Friday: Shredder and April O’Neil in “Lady Shredder”

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Full disclosure time: I originally selected this story by Night Creeper in hopes that Shredder had a plan to defeat the Turtles that somehow necessitated him becoming a post-op transexual. Alas, this is not so. However, it is a fun little story, and of course by fun I mean horrendously dumb. 

“Hello turtles! I know you’re watching!” Shredder spoke as he appeared on every televison set in the city. The evil ninja has used the mighty Technodrome’s communications room to takeover every TV signal in the city. He wanted to be sure that the turtles saw him.

“You guys! Shred-head is on the tube!” Raphael spoke as he called for his brothers.

“Is he selling anything?” Michelangelo laughed as he entered the room with Leonardo, Donatello, and Master Splinter behind him.

“No. I think he’s going to make some boring speech again,” Raphael replied sarcastically.

Raphael is cool but rude, and has no idea how sarcasm works.

“Hold on you guys! Do you see what I see?” Donatello exclaimed.

“Holy crap!” all four turtles shouted as they saw April O’Neil in her yellow form-fitting jumpsuit, standing in front of a gloating Shredder. Although, the turtles couldn’t see the bonds, the woman’s hands were tied behind her back. The woman was unable to speak as she had a yellow ball-gag in her mouth. It was obvious to the turtles that she was exhausted and wasn’t putting up too much of fuss as she stood in front of Shredder.

Please note: This story isn’t particularly wretched by FFF standards, although it keep things non-consensual, for the most part. So there’s no need to point it out in the comments (I haven’t seen a truly horrible story recently that’s inspired my horribly bedraggled, Stockholm syndrome-experiencing muse. As always, tips are appreciated). 

“I hope I have your attention, turtles. I have the lovely April O’Neil here with me in the Technodrome! You four have made fools of me too many times and it’s time that I’ve gotten my revenge!” Shredder growled.

“You have beaten me countless times! The shame is unbearable! Which is why… why… why I just broadcast my admission of my failure on every TV in the city. Sigh. Okay, that one was a freebie.”

“Haven’t we heard this before?” Michelangelo asked.

“Let him rant. He’s got April inside the Technodrome so all we need to do is let Donatello use on his gadgets that tracks large pieces of metal and we’re good!” Raphael spoke as the turtles readied for battle

“Wait a minute my sons,” Splinter interjected. “The Shredder has an evil gleam in his eye.”

“Stick around, because I’m pretty sure we’re gonna get to see some tits,” Splinter continued.

“If you do not come and find me, I will be forced to destroy Ms. O’Neil,” Shredder growled.

For the most part, April was use to this. She had struggled and taunted Shredder earlier. She thrashed in her bonds and recounted all the times that the turtles bested him. Eventually, she became exhausted as did Shredder’s patience. That’s when he placed the ball-gag into her mouth. What none of the viewers could see where the cuffs around April’s ankles, which her secured in front of Shredder and unable to run away. However, the viewers could clearly see that Shredder’s hands were now wandering up and down her sides. The woman had no idea what Shredder intended to do, which is why she gasped when Shredder forcefully unzipped her jumpsuit, revealing her bra covered cleavage and bare stomach. 

“Bra-covered cleavage”? Sigh.

The woman began to struggle anew as she realized Shredder’s intentions. However, her struggles were futile as Shredder easily sliced her bra apart, revealing her breasts. The man then cupped her breasts and pushed them toward her face as she struggled helplessly, groaning into her gag.

“Don’t tell me I can’t do this on TV!” screamed Shredder. “I’ve seen Game of Thrones!”

“Come find me turtles and prepared to be crushed or I will find something much worse for Ms. O’Neil,” Shredder warned as the broadcast abruptly ended.

“And when I said I’d destroy Miss O’Neil earlier, I meant of course that I’d steal second base.”

With the broadcast over, Shredder stepped on a button on the floor, which released April’s ankles. The woman then tried to stomp on Shredder’s foot, but accidentally caught one of his spikes around his ankles. Shredder gave April’s breasts a mighty squeeze. “You’ll refrain from doing that ever again unless you want me to slice your nipples off,” Shredder growled. Fearing the sudden change of events, April ceased her struggles as Shredder pushed her to another room.

Inside the new room was a mystic circle, large enough to park the Channel Six News Van in. The circle was ringed by lit candles that flickered constantly. Several sticks of incense were placed around each candle, filling the room with light cloud of smoke, bringing an eerie glow to the room thanks to the candles. Shredder then releases April’s breasts and spins her around so that she faces him. With one swift movement, he slices the front of April’s jumpsuit and tore it to shreds. Within seconds, April was left with her white ankle boots. Everything else was gone including the ropes around her wrists. That’s when Shredder picked her up by the wrists and flung her to the center of the circle.

Uh-oh, the narrator’s gotten himself so aroused that he’s switching tenses. That’s never a good sign.

April O’Neil landed with a loud thud in the middle of circle. The air was knocked out of her lungs. The woman became dizzy and found herself unable to move. She was however able to scream as a nude Shredder landed on top of her. 

Ah, the ancient ninja art of rapejutsu.

April screamed as the man forced her arms above her head. Her pushed her right leg up and trapped it against his shoulder as he rammed his hard monster dick into April’s unlubricated pussy. The woman wailed in pain as Shredder began to thrust his meat into her while his hands gripped her bouncing breasts. April’s pussy lips were as tight as a rubber band as they gripped Shredder’s manhood. 


The redhead groaned in discomfort as her flesh was stretched. Then the thrusts came, driving the air out of her lungs. Her pussy clung to the man’s dick like a tight glove while the woman sobbed miserably.

“My pussy is being likened to so many bizarre things!” cried April. “I’m both unsulted and confused!”

Shredder gripped her tits and crushed them. “Fuck me, back!” he growled as he gave her another mighty squeeze that caused her to wince.

Shredder squeezed April’s tits with the unholy crushing power of a rubber band.

Tears streamed down April’s face as self-preservation took hold. The woman began to meet the man’s savage thrusts while her face went pale. She couldn’t fathom the horrible violation that her body was going through as lightening bolts of pain rocked her shivering body. Worse yet, her pussy was juicing up now. Although it was late, April welcomed it even if part of her couldn’t believe that her body would react in such a way.

“So lovely,” Shredder panted as he washed his tongue over April’s face, causing the woman to cringe. By the time Shredder’s tongue grew tired, April’s face was covered in his saliva. The man had tasted both her sweat and tears. He glanced down and saw that the woman’s eyes were closed. Yet, he didn’t care. He simply continued to thrust his meat deeper and deeper inside her.

Yes, this scene is gross, but it’s even grosser if you imagine Krang watching it on a monitor somewhere and making his android body masturbate.

After several minutes, April felt something terrible. It started like a small spark, but like a brush fire in a dry region, it quickly spread. She could feel her body become hotter. 

Her vagina had indeed caught fire.

As the seconds ticked by, the sensation grew more intense. April then recognized the sensation as pleasure, which almost unhinged her mind thanks to the gravity of the brutal situation. Even though April tried to fight it, like before, her efforts were futile. In a matter of seconds, Shredder shot his heavy hot load into her pussy. Thanks to the tightness of her sex, she started to milk his dick for every drop while her body climaxed. 

Her vagina milked Shredder’s dick like some sort of milk-sucking rubber band.

The orgasm tore through her like a runaway train. 


Her sexy body thrashed beneath Shredder as the man held onto her breasts and watched the woman’s eyes flung open.

Shredder watched as the woman gasped for breath while her body violently shook. And as the woman gasped, she inhaled the smoke filled air. Shredder smiled when he saw this. His plan was working. Thus, he released her breasts. White marks were still visible on her breasts for several minutes as Shredder moved her right leg from his shoulder. He then slipped his hands under her ribs and pulled her close. 

April’s rip cage tore free, spilling her guts to the floor.

He mashed he heaving breasts against his muscular frame and began to pump forcefully into her yet again.

Goddammit, Shredder, I like breasts as much as the next insane megalomaniacal ninja warlord, but give her tits a rest. Pease.

April moaned as she took another deep breath of the incense-filled air. She could feel the incense in her lungs. Much like Shredder’s hot seed, the incense burned her lungs. As her lungs filled with more and more of the incense, April found the fucking to be more pleasurable. Fucking Shredder back was no longer a chore. It was rapidly becoming something that she wanted to do.

Wait, so the smoke has made April enjoy being raped? What the hell is in the smoke? Smirnoff Ice?

Shredder saw the change in April’s eyes and knew that his plan had worked. The mystical circle was part of an old ceremony. Before he had brought April into the room, only the incense were lit. He chanted and old spell for quite some time before the candles lit themselves. The room then began to fill with the smoke and that’s when he made his broadcast message to the turtles. The purpose of the circle was to bind the souls of the people inside the circle together. 

A ninja magic rape circle? Uh-huh.


Shredder knew that he couldn’t defeat the turtles since he was always outnumbered. 

If only Shredder could bulk up his numbers with some kind of ninja army. A bunch of “foot soldiers,” as it were!

Thus, he needed an advantage, which is why he decided to capture and turn April O’Neil. The turtles had rescued her numerous times and foiled several of his plots. But with April on his side, she would be able to keep the turtles unbalanced. She would have the same deep hatred for them as he did. But best of all, she would be his. “How does it feel?” Shredder asked after several long minutes.

“Like a rubber band,” replied April.

“Great,” April panted.

“Go ahead and wrap your arms and legs around me,” he commanded.

“With pleasure,” April replied before following his command. Within seconds, April was holding Shredder tight, trying to do her best to please Shredder.

Shredder picked April off the floor and sat back while he continued to pump his meat in and out of her. April moaned ecstatically as she fucked him back and kissed him repeatedly. “Tell me you love me,” Shredder ordered, the anger gone from his voice.

“I love you, Shredder. I can’t live without you,” April whispered back, meaning every word of it.


The turtles were totally unable to concentrate. When they arrived, they found April in the nude and tied up. 

Hey, they are teenage after all. When I was a teen, you could have performed open heart surgery on me and I wouldn’t have noticed if there was a naked lady in the room.

They quickly freed her only to find themselves surrounded by several Foot Ninjas. The turtles fought the ninjas while Splinter gave his robe to April. But then the unthinkable happened, April picked up a sword from a fallen ninja and stabbed Splinter. Leonardo gasped in disbelief as ninjas began to pound him unmercifully. 

I guess the rape circle is still working.

One by one, the turtles were brought down as April walked to the other side of the room and donned a new costume.

When she returned to the fray, she was wearing an outfit similar to Shredder’s. She too wore a suit of armor. It consisted of bladed covered metal shoulder pads, blade covered forearms, and blade covered hands. But there were several differences. The first one is that the outfit was only similar up top. Unlike Shredder, she wasn’t wearing pants. Instead, her legs were bare except for the thigh high boots with multiple spikes on all four sides. She also didn’t wear a cape or a mask. And even though, the woman’s armor covered the sides of her thighs and stretched between her legs all the way to her knees, the woman wore a simple thong underneath.

April’s new outfit was delivered from the Mortal Kombat Fashion Store and their famous “Sluts of the Apocalypse” line.

“Greetings turtles, I see you have met Lady Shredder! Too bad, Splinter couldn’t be formally introduced!” Shredder laughed as he entered the room and stood next to the woman formerly known as April O’Neil.

“April?” a bloodied Leonardo gasped in disbelief.

“May I, Master Shredder?” Lady Shredder inquired.

“By all means,” Shredder spoke as he handed her his katana blade. That was the last image that the turtles saw as Lady Shredder made quick work of them. Not only had the mystical circle bound April’s soul to Shredder, but it also allowed him to pass on his martial arts skills to her as well.

When asked for a comment, Naruto said, “A magic circle that makes people fall in love with their rapists and transmits martial arts skill? That’s the stupidest ninja magic I’ve ever heard of, and I have a giant nine-tailed fox living in my bellybutton.”

“Goodbye Leonardo, you won’t be a problem for Master Shredder anymore. Tonight he dines on turtle soup!” April snarled as Leonardo’s limp headless body fell to the ground.

Apparently the magic rape circle also transmitted Shredder’s love of screaming his one turtle-themed threat to April as well.

“LEO!” the other remaining turtles screamed in unison as they fought with newly found energy and anger. However, there were simply too many Foot ninjas around. One by one, Lady Shredder made her way to each turtle and brought them down. When the dust cleared, she had the ninjas pulled the carcasses out of the shells.

“You know, I should really feel good about finally defeating the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and having their lifeless corpses at my feet,” said Shredder thoughtfully. “But all I can think about is how a mediocre news reporter who I hypnotized and fucked some sword skills into managed to defeat my four greatest foes in minutes — an accomplishment I’ve failed to manage for years. What have I been doing wrong? Was it really just the surprise of seeing their friend dressed so sluttily? Maybe I fucked extra sword skills into April? Or… am… am I just not a good ninja?”

“The rat is gone,” one of the ninjas spoke as he pointed at the blood trail.

“Let him go . . . for now,” Shredder ordered as his ninjas bowed. Lady Shredder then handed the katana blade back to Shredder. “Keep it. You can use it to eliminate Splinter when the time comes. Now, I need to see you in my chambers,” Shredder spoke as April smiled.


A Year Later

Really? This story was just so good you had to write an epilogue? Sigh.

Shredder, who was wearing nothing more than a robe, peered down at the city from the rooftop of his personal skyscraper. Several of ninjas were scampering through the various alleyways beneath him. He had even more scouring the sewers. The man wasn’t worried. In fact, hardly anything worried him anymore. Yet, he hated loose ends and somewhere in the city, lurking in the darkness was a loose end.

“You’re still out here?” a familiar female voice asked from behind him.

“Yes. He is out there,” Shredder replied, not bothering to turn around.

“We are both places,” Shredder confirmed.

“We will find him. I will join your ninjas in the search. Just give me a few more weeks first.”

“No! You’re too valuable for that,” Shredder replied as he turned and saw his loyal wife, April O’Neil, wrapped in a yellow kimono carrying something delicately wrapped in a yellow blanket. He kissed her on the forehead and then glanced down at the precious baby wrapped inside the blanket. “Karai is as lovely as her mother,” he spoke as he gently kissed the baby on the forehead.

Thumbnail image for picard-facepalm.jpg

“She will be as deadly as her mother once she is old enough to learn the ways of the Foot Clan. But it is time for her to return to her crib,” April replied as she snapped her fingers and two handmaidens immediately appeared.

Honestly, I would totally accept this supremely stupid development if Rocksteady and Bebop were the child’s godparents.

“We will take Karai back to her room, Mistress O’Neil,” the two women spoke in unison.

“Do not call me by that name! Only my husband may call me by my real name! You will refer to me as Lady Shredder!” the woman snarled.

“Our sincerest apologies, Lady Shredder,” both handmaidens bowed as April handed her daughter to one of them. She pulled out a knife and was about to kill the one without her baby when Shredder grabbed her hand.

“Stop!” yelled Shredder. “Do you know how hard it is to find a decent babysitter in this town? Seriously, I was about to put the baby in a room full of Baxter Stockman’s Mousers before those girls answered my Craigslist ad.”

“Leave us!” April growled as the two handmaidens quickly took Karai back inside the skyscraper.

“Karai will be a threat to all those who oppose us, but don’t kill the help,” Shredder spoke softly as he released her hand.

Things Karai is currently a threat to: diapers

“Of course. I need to conserve my strength for something much more demanding,” April smiled as she dropped the knife and quickly shed her kimono, revealing her perfectly tanned body.



“It should be. I come up here all the time and sunbath in the nude,” April smiled as she lead Shredder toward a marble slab. 

“Although it kind of weird that this is the first time you’ve noticed my tan since we’re apparently living together now and have sex all the time.”

She then locked lips with Shredder, who was quickly disrobing. Within seconds, their two nude bodies pressed against each other as they continued to kiss passionately. They ran their hands over each other’s back and face as Shredder’s cock stiffened.

Stiffened… like a rubber band.

April’s sex began to drool as she fell backwards onto the marble slab with Shredder on top of her. “Fuck me,” April begged as she broke the kiss and locked eyes with Shredder.

Shredder was more than happy to oblige her request as he rammed his member into her welcoming pussy. He felt her vaginal walls grip his member as he slowly pumped in and out of her while he laid on top of her. The man felt her heaving breasts pressed firmly against his chest and her hot breath against his neck. The sensations were enough to increase his pace.

April moaned sensuously beneath Shredder as she wrapped her legs around him. Her hands rubbed against his shoulders until she finally clutched her hands behind his neck. This allowed her to pull him closer as well as give him more penetration. The former reporter loved the way her lover’s manhood fit inside her. 

For some reason, the fact that the author felt the need to specify April was a former reporter crack me up. “In case you were wondering if April kept her job after being hypno-raped by Shredder into becoming his sex slave, fathering his child and also muredering the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles… the answer is no, she didn’t.”

“Don’t hold back . . . give it to me . . . Karai needs another sibling . . .” April moaned as she gritted her teeth. The woman’s hands were no longer clutching each other. Instead, she was busily burying her nails into Shredder’s back.

April’s words brought joy to Shredder’s ears as he relished his victory over his hated rivals, the turtles. He had turned their ally into his lover. The woman was loyal to him and would satisfy all his carnal needs. April O’Neil belonged to him now and soon, she would aid him in the destruction of Splinter. He thought of laying a wounded Splinter on top of the shells that once belonged to the turtles themselves. However, he pushed that thought out of his mind as he heard the lovely scream from the woman beneath him. He could feel her body tighten as did his. Soon, both of them would experience the first of many orgasms for that night.

Look, I’m sure Shredder hates the Turtles, but if the image of a giant rat sitting on a bunch of giant turtle shells is what gets him off, he has far worse problems than Splinter. He needs to take care of this soon or he won’t be able to orgasm without dressing April in a TMNT costume, and not the slutty kind.
THE END, by the way. If you’ll excuse me, I need to practice drawing magic ninja circles on my brain. With scotch. Oh, and throw away every single rubber band in my house, obviously.