Lucius Fox Is Terrible at Naming Things

Another Dark Knight Rises TV spot emerged over the weekend, and happily it’s one of the ones that makes DKR look exciting. But the two main points of the spot as far as I can see are 2) at some point Batman and the Gotham City PD fixed everything, which is maybe why Bruce Wayne is content to just chill with his cane (at least until Bane shows up) and 2) Lucius Fox is really, really shitty at naming things. “Really, Lucius? ‘The Bat’? You don’t think that’s a little on the nose? You understand that even at WayneTech, these projects are heavily documented and leave paper trails. You don’t think anybody is going to be slightly suspicious in a town where a mysterious dude dresses like a bat to fight crime that Bruce Wayne has ordered a personal flying vehicle called ‘The Bat’?”

“It also comes in black.”
“Don’t get cute, Lucius.”