Nice to See You Again, Space Cowboy

You know, for Adult Swim running it pretty much nonstop for over a decade, there’s been a real dearth of Cowboy Bebop merchandise. I remember one good Spike action figure from Japan with almost no articulation, an absolutely terrible American 12-inch Spike with an enormous head, a gashapon set, and not much else. 


Well, we can now add to that sorry group two excellent Bebop Play Arts Kai figures, one of Spike Spiegel and one of Vicious. You can pre-order them both at Hobby Search for about $85 each — which is a hell of a lot of money for a 10-inch action figure, but since these are two of very very few Cowboy Bebop figures and quite easily the bes evert, I imagine Square Enix will have no problems selling out. The real question is whether they’ll get around to doing Faye, Ed or Jet afterwards (personally I doubt it, mostly because I’ve been waiting on a Final Fantasy VII Cid figure for 15 or so years), but no one would be more delighted to be proven wrong. Tomopop has a lot more pics of each figure if you want to see more.