STYNKWAFAWATS*: Prometheus Beer, Transformers 4, Etc.

? Coors Light is the official beverage of Prometheus, and by extension the official beer of morons who go looking for aliens in space without ever considering the possibility that they might want to eat our fucking heads. Thanks to Adam K. for the tip.

? Michael Bay says Transformers 4 will be his last Transformers movie, just like he swore after Transformers 3, and said would probably happen after Transformers 2. You know, the only thing I like less than Michael Bay’s Transformers movies is Michael Bay spewing meaningless bullshit like a septic truck getting hit with a wrecking ball. Which will probably happen onscreen in TF4. The wrecking ball will be one of Devastator’s nads, of course. (Via /Film)

? The Russo brothers are in talks to direct Captain America 2. They have previously directed the Owen Wilson “comedy” You, Me and Dupree and 30 episodes of Community. I’ll cede that they’re talented purely for Community, but really? Captain America 2? Not to say they can’t, but I also don’t see any particular reason why they can. (Via CBR)
? Spaceballs is coming to Blu-ray on August 7th with a shit-ton (Schwartz-ton?) of extras. Mark your calendars, just in case I forget to do DVD Day again.
? The classic Nickelodeon cartoon and anime Mysterious Cities of Gold is getting a sequel. I know there are about eight of you who are excited out of your goddamn minds right now. Thanks to Jacob R. for the tip. (Via ANN)
? QMx just released some seriously adorable Battlestar Galactica Viper and Cylon Raider ship plushes, which you can squeeze for comfort when you start hearing “All Along the Watchtower.”

* “Shit That You Need to Know Which Aren’t Full-Article Worthy and Aren’t Thematically Similar.”