Comic Movie News Trifecta: Fantastic Four, Daredevil, Joe Golem


? Fox has finally hired Chronicle helmer Josh Trank to direct the Fantastic Four reboot, because Fox thinks it can get its shit together. (Via Coming Soon)

? Fox has dropped David Slade as the long-hired director of the Daredevil reboot, because Fox cannot get its shit together. (Via Coming Soon)
? Mean, Alex Proyas — director of Dark City and The Crow — will write and direct the movie adaptation of Mike Mignola’s Joe Golem and the Drowning City. Knowing very little about the graphic novel (other than it’s set in a 1970s alterna-Manhattan where half the island sank into the Hudson river after an earthquake in 1925, making it kinda like Venice — Proyas and a Mignola comic sounds like a pretty good match to me. (Via /Film)