STYNKWAFAWATS 2: Firefly Reunion Panel, World War Z, Harker, Star Wars


? That awesome SDCC Firefly panel? It’s going to be televised. Well, not televised — you can’t watch it live or anything — but it will be recorded and air on the Science Channel at some point, which I believe has become “The Firefly Channel” much like History used to be “The Hitler Channel.” At any rate, if you have the Science Channel you’ll be able to watch it. Eventually. (Via The Mary Sue

? Drew Goddard of Cabin in the Woods fame has written a new ending for the World War Z flick. This was after Damon Lindelof was asked to write one, but apparently he was too busy. That makes, oh… the 813th person to work on the WWZ movie’s script, many of whom started after principle photography ended. This is going to go well. (Via First Showing)
? Eli Roth is directing a Dracula movie called Harker, starring Russell Crowe as… Jonathan Harker, I guess. Given that Hollywood has been disappointing me for a genuinely terrifying Dracula since Christopher Lee left the role and they’ve never made a genuinely accurate version of the book, I am already prepared for disappointment. (Via /Film)
* Dark Horse is publishing a Star Wars comic. I mean, real Star Wars. Like, A New Hope Star Wars. It’s set during the original trilogy, with the main characters, before ESB. It’s sad, but I am instantly TREMENDOUSLY excited to read this. (Via Geeks of Doom)