Meanwhile, DC and Warner Bros. Wonder If Maybe They Should Make Another Batman Movie or Something


While Marvel enacts their plan to conquer to the TV medium, Warner Bros. and DC… well, they’re not doing anything until 2015, when maybe they’ll put out a Justice League movie as written by Gangster Squad scriptwriter Will Beall, assuming they approve the script, find a place to shoot, are able to cast people and basically manage to overcome all the obstacles that have plagued all their previous attempts to make a Justice League movie. But now the rumor is that the Justice League will be the unofficial start of the Batman reboot; i.e. the new Batman will be introduced in JL, and then spin-off into his own solo movies as part of DC’s attempt to make a unified cinematic universe.

Now, these rumors come from the fansite, who say they have an inside source, but I’d take it with a hefty grain of salt. Although it certainly fits the facts — WB/DC is only talking about JL in 2015 so far, so it stands to reason a new Batman film would come afterwards — and certainly DC would love to try a bit of the massive, massive movie success Marvel is currently enjoying. I tell you one reason we should all hope the rumor is true, and that’s because this would almost certainly mean the new Batman movie would not be an origin story. I’m 100% down with that. (Via /Film)