TGS Trifecta 3: Puppeteer, Mega Man Xover, Halo 4

? The PS3 platformer Puppeteer looks as awesome and it does charming, and it’s got a fuckload of charm. The fact there’s an “audience” laughing and gasping while you play totally blows my mind. I think this is the best classic 2-D platform game since Klonoa, if only because I haven’t played a great classic 2-D platform game since Klonoa.

? In case you were unaware, Capcom is celebrating Mega Man’s 25th anniversary with a game named Megaman (n?e Rockman) Xover that 1) doesn’t star Mega Man (it’s a character named Over-1) 2) is a social RPG and not a platform game, and 3) is for cellphones. Because the only thing Capcom hates worse than Mega Man is Mega Man fans, apparently.
? Halo 4 will feature weapons. So if you were worried that it wouldn’t, uh… don’t, I guess.