STYNK: Deadpool, Masters of the Universe, Jem, Gatchaman, The Goon, Etc.


? Marvel announced a new miniseries titled Classics Killustrated, starring Deadpool. It’s a sequel to the Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe miniseries. Writer Cullen Bunn says:
In this universe, all the stories of classic literature are playing out. Deadpool believes that this is a kind of “foundation” universe that serves as an inspirational nexus for all the Marvel characters. He thinks that if he kills these classic characters, he will kill the very inspiration that led to the development of the Marvel Universe. For example… Captain Ahab from Moby Dick? Well, he could very well be the inspiration for “Thunderbolt” Ross. By killing one, Deadpool ensures that the other ceases to exist.
That’s genuinely interesting to me. And god help me I giggle every single time I read the title. (Via Newsarama)

? Richard Wenk is going to rewrite the stuck-in-development-hell Masters of the Universe flick. Wenk wrote the Jason Statham movie The Mechanic, which I didn’t see, and co-wrote The Expendables 2, which was merely okay, so… yeah, I’m panicking. (Via ToyNewsI)

? Here are some more new super-expensive Jem dolls, if you’re interested.

? Here’s a picture of the Joker’s new face, if you consider Joker stapling his old face back on after Dollmaker cut it off to be “new.” for the record, I hate everything about this Bat-plot.

? Hasbro is making a new Omega Supreme for the Generations line. It’s pretty.
? Japan’s making a live-action Gatchaman movie, better known in the States as Battle of the Planets. Given that the original Gatchaman was about five teenage psychopaths who worked as ninja assassins while dressing like birds, I’m genuinely pretty excited by this. (Via Anime News Network)
? Remember that awesome Goon movie creator Eric Powell and producer David Fincher have been trying to make forever? They’ve finally said fuck Hollywood and started a Kickstarter for it. It has the very high goal of $400,000 but I’m betting they make it. Thanks to Greymattersplat and everyone else who sent in the tip