Videogame Trifecta: Transformers Prime, Injustice, Retro City Rampage

? Here’s a trailer for the Transformers Prime game on WiiU, which looks exactly like the cartoon, down to the completely flat, level surfaces all the fights take place on. Whether this is an incredible technical achievement or because you think Prime looks kind of crappy is up to you. 

? Green Arrow joins Injustice. He doesn’t seem to be wearing the copious, over-designed body armor everybody else is wearing, but he does seem to have an axe blade attached to his bow, so at least he has that going for him.
? I know I say a lot of things are “the best thing ever,” but… Retro City Rampage may be the best thing ever. You get to ride on a rampaging faux Donkey Kong with turbo farts, for fuck’s sake. It also happens to only be out today on PC and PS3, so feel free to taunt me with its awesomeness until it finally comes to Xbox Live.