Django Unchained, Mego Redux


The 8″ Mego style of poseable generic toy body with cloth costume is actually a great match for Quentin Tarantino, at least in his current phase of filmmaking. It’s somewhat pointlessly nostalgic with a dose of modern technology and wink-wink gratuitous nods to predecessors. NECA can do better likenesses when they just sculpt things from scratch, yet there is a perception out there that this retro style is popular, though based on what I see left on the pegs and held over at, it’s just a vocal minority who actually think it’s the best option.

I get why people liked the Mego style in the ’70s – it was the best thing available. We can do better now. And I grant, these Django Unchained Mego-style figures are the best versions of the form I’ve ever seen…and ladies, you now have a Leonardo DiCaprio action figure to do with as you please (though I don’t want to think about what that might entail).

But you notice how nobody wants Kenner or Hasbro to go back and do simpler sculpts of Star Wars guys like they did back then. Sometimes nostalgia is cool only because it brings back certain memories for you, and not because it will please kids today.

I don’t know if Tarantino actually knows that. I do know that if you play with these figures, it’s best for your own safety if you don’t quote the movie dialogue accurately aloud while doing so.

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