Santa Claus and LYT Are Coming to Town

Hi folks. I’m pleased to announce — finally, right? — Topless Robot has a new editor. His name is Luke Y. Thompson and he’s got some serious nerd bona fides. He doesn’t start til later next week, but he’s penned a little note introducing himself. I’m sure he’ll jump in the comments if you’ve got any questions.

But first I wanted to extend a gigantic thanks to Chris Cummins for helping keep the nerd news and self-loathing coming during the transition. As you all know, he’s done an awesome job keeping us abreast of Lawrence Kasdan’s return to Star Wars and Tron 3’s sudden surge in momentum, among other news and wild speculations.

And now, a word from the new Topless Robot editor:

‘Tis the season for jolly overweight men to come to town bearing gifts, and while I’m only technically tipping the scales, I come before you as a new editor with an offering that proves…well, I’m not sure what it proves. But it’s a teddy bear singing about “acute love deficiency” in Hindi.

Now that you’ve seen that, or been so creeped out by the still that you dare not…Hi. I’m Luke, sometimes known as LYT. You might have seen some of my film criticking somewhere, or thought you saw me in a low-budget DVD one time. Have we met? I’ll be taking care of this place, and look forward to us spending online time together as I attempt to evolve into Your Somewhat-Fearless Leader. Though I’m not Rob, I am the guy who scored a King Grayskull figure for Rob a few Comic-Cons ago, which should tell you the wavelength I’m coming from; I will agitate for a good He-Man movie every bit as strongly. In fact (name-drop alert) I recently met Dolph Lundgren and told him he should play He-Man’s dad (yes, I know his name’s Randor, but I wasn’t sure if Dolph did).

I look forward to our journey boldly going into nerdspace, and hope we encounter as few dangerous anomalies as possible. It’s going to be a wild ride, and I hope and intend to amuse at least as frequently as I annoy. I swear by my autographed Sam J. Jones 8 by 10 that I am one of you, and may my talking 18″ Captain Spaulding figure torment me on eternal sound-chip loop if I’m lying. Some aspects of the site will invariably change over time, but the things we love/obsess about are the same. Even the things that contradict the other things. Plus I love robots and being shirtless, so really it feels like a perfect match.

Please bear with me as I find my (furry) feet; I intend to bring the site out of “power-saving mode” in full next week (still have figures to pack, features to learn, fools to phaser…that kind of stuff) and then it’s full speed ahead, with Max Payne wishes and Shatner’d dreams.