As Dylan Baker Silently Weeps, Sam Raimi Spider-Man Lizard Concept Art Surfaces

Designer Constantine Serkeris has released some concept art for a proposed incarnation of the Lizard that was solicited for possible use in a Sam Raimi sequel. Perhaps surprisingly, it’s not too different from the Rhys Ifans version, with a similarly humanoid face.


Dylan Baker’s a great actor, and it must really suck to be told for three movies that you’re eventually going to be the Lizard, only to have the series rebooted and recast on you. I imagine him saying something like, “Judi Dench got to survive Bond’s reboot; why can’t I?”

That’s what I would have said, anyway. Then gone home and cried into my three-movie residual checks.

The full image of this Lizard can be found here.

Source:, which has assembled several more highlights.