Warcraft Movie to Get Some Source Coding

I know some hearts were broken when Sam Raimi stopped being attached to the Warcraft movie as director. I have to say, though, the new guy is as appropriate for a video-game movie as it gets…


Duncan Jones, son of David Bowie and director of Moon and Source Code, is now attached. Now, you may ask why I think a guy known for cerebral sci-fi is perfect. It’s simple, really. Both his movies feature main characters who essentially die and respawn over and over again, which is the quintessential gaming experience for many casual fans, and I suspect he was influenced by gaming in thinking such storylines up.

I’m less impressed with screenwriter Charles Leavitt, who gave us K-PAX and Blood Diamond, though to be fair, K-PAX was about an external mind using a human body as an avatar, either for real or in Kevin Spacey’s imagination. At least the suits didn’t say, “Hey, let’s get the Kung Fu Panda guys because I hear there’s kung fu pandas in this game.”

With Legendary and Warner Bros. clearly trying to stake out some ground as equal in franchise power to Disney, I can see this moving forward quote a bit more quickly than before, as this is one that could easily keep going forever – and spin off into Starcraft, of course – if done right.

If you were writing a Warcraft movie, what would you focus on?