Battle Royale Gets Scott Pilgrim-Style Poster

Hey, remember that movie Battle Royale that you’ve been hearing about for years? The tale of high-school students killing each other in a totalitarian future Japan was considered unreleasable stateside in the post-Columbine environment of 2000. Twelve years on, The Hunger Games got a PG-13 rating.

Screened very rarely in the U.S., it’s now available to theaters via Tugg, the service that allows viewers to vote for screenings at participating theaters. And in celebration of this, Mondo Collectibles has gotten Scott Pilgrim artist Bryan Lee O’Malley to design a poster in his distinctive – and in this case, deliciously incongruous – style. Director Kinji Fukasaku will be grinning from his grave.

Also, spoiler alert. Like, every single spoiler is on this poster if you know what you’re looking at.

Battle Royale_regular.jpg