Firefox Coming True? (The Mind-Reading Plane, Not the Browser)


Remember when Firefox, rather than being a program that constantly crashes every time you want to watch Flash animation, was actually the name of a fictional roboplane that constantly crushed Clint Eastwood’s enemies every time he was able to “think in Russian”?

Could be before your time. But the point is that mind-controlled aircraft are becoming a reality. They’re a bit late for the Cold War, but maybe by the time North Korea has a massive arsenal we’ll be ready. Or on the losing side, since it’s China that’s developing this.

Kinks have to be worked out – the device still can’t interpret directional thoughts correctly. No word as to whether you have to think in Mandarin – that was a great gimmick in the movie, but strikes me as a misread of how pilots actually think (not so much in words).

Video after the jump…

via the Pacific Rim Facebook page, which is clearly hoping for Jaegers…