Wreck-It Ralph Deleted Scene Spoofs Sims, Matthew McConaughey


It’s funny how sometimes, two posts in a row can have a similar theme when you totally didn’t intend it, like yesterday’s zombie double-blog. I try not to do that unless both items seem like the most appropriate items on my slate at the time. And frankly, how could I NOT post an extra Wreck-It Ralph scene. We did all like the movie, right?

As you can see from the image, this isn’t finished animation, but it does have full audio. It features Ralph and a Matthew McConaughey-type surfer dude in a jail cell (but not, seemingly, the Sugar Rush jail), with the latter trying to sell Ralph on the idea of a Sims-type game (see! The common thread) in which there are no good guys or bad guys.

It feels like a holdover from a much longer draft of the script, and isn’t quite as sharp with the humor as the film’s best moments. So there was a reason it was deleted, but no reason you shouldn’t enjoy it now.

Hit the jump to do so.

h/t SlyDante