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Kinder Surprise: Still Illegal. Oh Hai, Choco Treasure!



This may surprise the non-U.S. residents among you to know, but Kinder Surprise chocolate eggs, containing capsules with snap-together toys inside, are prohibited in this country by law. Seriously, you can mount a better legal defense in my state of California for selling marijuana than you can a chocolate egg with a toy under the shell.

The theory: that we are too stupid not to let kids choke on tiny toys. The actuality: those regulations can be gotten past, and now have. How?

Two things: Choco Treasure eggs have a ridge around the plastic capsule inside the egg that keeps the candy from ever being fully sealed, thus circumventing the rule against non-foods being completely encased in a food.

(Side note: U.S. laws would rule out the Irish cake known as Barm Brack, a fruitcake into which were baked several tokens that supposedly prefigured various futures; I got a pea in elementary school, meaning poverty.)

Second: the toys are bigger than the legal standard for choking hazards. And Spider-Man is the first major licensed character among them.

And yet as cool as this may be, they will never top this particular Kinder commercial for disturbing genius. EVER. Maybe deranged Humpty Dumpty is the real reason this shit was illegalized.

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