My Little Pony Artist Wants to Make Vampire Babies


Gayle Middleton, a.k.a. “G-Ra,” is responsible for the visual makeover of My Little Pony into the Friendship Is Magic world, as well as a similar style update to Littlest Pet Shop. But now she wants to do something slightly less PG, though only a little – a line of plush monster babies that include the likes of Frankenstein and the Yeti, complete with baby bottles filled with “blood.”

Considering the success of Monster High at Mattel, I’m not sure why Hasbro wouldn’t jump on this idea, but she’s doing it herself through Kickstarter. And so as to guarantes her fanbase follows her…yes, there’s a Ghost Pony:


She’s nearly at her goal as of this writing. I can’t imagine Hot Topic wouldn’t carry these, as the intersection of goth and cute has made massive amounts of money for all licensees associated with that damn Tim Burton Christmas cartoon.

Watch her request video after the jump.