Harrison Ford Negotiates, Elementary School Kids Play – Your Episode VII Fan Films Du Jour

Are you a cynical Star Wars fan who thinks everything has sucked since Empire, but you keep watching all the new stuff anyway in the futile hope of feeling like a kid again? Or have you remained a kid at heart who still feels joy at the possibilities of new journeys to the galaxy far, far away? In either case, I got you covered today.

CYNICS – this is the third in a series but it’s pretty self-explanatory: Harrison Ford is negotiating his new deal, and the Ford impersonation is pretty dead-on.

OPTIMISTS – Here’s how three elementary school kids (and one adult helper) imagine Episode VII might be like. They’re too young to have thought about stuff like lens flares, and filter it all through a playground perspective.

Star Wars Episode 7: Return of the Junior Jedi from Sam K. Hale on Vimeo.

So, which is your favorite? Answer carefully, because I will permanently define your personality in my mind for ever and ever by which one you pick.