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New Star Trek Select Figure: Picard Versus Borg



Though I remain firmly in support of this line’s approach (diorama base, limited articulation, dynamic poses, interchangeable parts) and its first two figures, I can’t say I’m going to run out and grab this one. Not because it’s a less key scene – Picard isn’t the man of action Kirk was. No, I just have an issue with the way Max Headroom’s prosthetic jawline and nose appear to have been glued on to Patrick Stewart’s face.

He looks like a cross between Stewart and the bad guy from The Rocketeer:


I hope it’s not the final sculpt. In other toy news, one of the things that came back from the focus group survey was that more toy coverage would be good – I wonder if I might solicit the readership’s help for a name to use with toy spotlight/review pieces, along the “Fanboy Flick Pick” lines. At my last employer’s I used the title “Figures & Speech,” and could probably use it again if I pushed, but would rather make a clean break. Was thinking “Plastic Prison Break,” since collectors who open toys often speak of freeing them from plastic prisons, but am open to any other ideas.

UPDATE: Trek Select figures have interchangeable parts with each other!

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