E3: Microsoft Xbox Media Briefing – Liveblog

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The event is scheduled to last 90 minutes. Guy on Spike is talking about the possibility of a new Killer Instinct game. Why not Time Killers and Primal Rage while we’re at it?

And here we go – Konami logo. Metal Gear Solid 5. Going to be open world, have real-time weather, set in Afghanistan. You can ride horses, drive a tank, take photos at long range – graphics look, uh, solid. Realistic passage of time.

Who – nice gory gushing of blood when you shoot people at close range. That’s, like, important and stuff. Oh, and a chick with huge boobs.

Villain named Skull Face looks like Black Mask as a cowboy. Ocelot is back. Images of an African-looking child army. Human torch type mutant soldier (or is it just a guy on fire being really chill?)

Black child soldiers definitely a plot point, so it looks like it won’t stick to Afghanistan. Here comes Hideo Kojima.His English isn’t good – basically says thank you and leaves.

They’re going to talk Xbox 360 first.

Console will be updated with “a modern look and feel based on the Xbox One design.” Available starting today – smaller, sleeker, and black. Gold Members will get two free games a month, including Assassin’ Creed II and Halo 3.

World of Tanks coming to console for the first time. If I didn’t understand development lead time, I’d swear from the footage that they were encouraged by the tank scene in Fast and Furious 6. Downloadable for free this summer.

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood. Platformer about a kid who curses his brother in jest, and Labyrinth-style, it actually happens. Bcakground graphics look more interesting than gameplay.

Finally, Dark Souls II. Cool knight battles with reflective armor.

Now it’s all Xbox One.

Ryse: Son of Rome. Why does he have an Australian accent. The speech about brave men dying once, cowards dying 1000 times.

Ooh, it has beach head combat. Looks like Saving Private Ryan, ancient Rome style. Including momentary “deafness” moments. Insanely gory fight moves – blood gushes, back of head stabbings. Projectiles and cannonballs flying through the air. Ooh, you can form the “tortoise” position with group shields.

The back of the head stabbing looks like this game’s version of a Fatality. And head-crush stomp looks like another. Dismemberment also an option. Gameplay looks pretty simple, with button-pushing cues appearing onscreen. Lead character is named General Marius Titus.

Yes, Killer Instinct is back! Graphics are more in line with modern games – less of a stop-motion look. Very brief clip of Jago and Sabrewolf.

Sunset Overdrive, from Insomniac. Parkour type game with rail riding like Bioshock Infinite (but third-person) You blast monsters in a big city with shotguns. Slightly cartoon-stylized but very detailed.

Some new Formula One game – Forza Motorsport 5 – with particularly cool new car – Mclaren P1. This would mean something to me if I cared. Interesting that they’re focused on replicating reality as much as possible. The idea being you’ll never drive a car this cool in real life, so do it in a game.

New feature here is “Driveatars” – learns your driving style, and plays as you while you’re away from the console, earning experience and playing in your style. Only vaguely creepy, that.

Minecraft – it sure does look like Minecraft!

Quantum Break – oh, because it worked SOOO well for Defiance, it’s a game and TV show trying to interact again. An experiment has broken down time, causing it to “stutter and freeze.” (Note: I like Defiance the show. Nobody seems to like the game).

Okay, so the hero is able to move in bullet time and pull people into it with him. The voice acting is almost “Jill sandwich” bad.

D4 – Rotoscoped cel-shading action game. Looks cool, I guess. Not much explanation.

Project Spark – A game that lets people create their own games. Terrain and time of day can be selected from a bunch of options. Everything in the game has a “brain” – example is they turn a rock into a sentient pet. But what kind of game is this? Looks like Warcraft variation, but can it be a totally different type of game? They say there are an infinite number of ways to create.

Okay, they’re showing samples of games people have made with it – pinball type game, Tempest and Space Invaders variations – looks like there is variety.

Lot of talk about Smart Glass interaction – I feel like that’s an extra annoyance rather than a plus.

New Tournament Edition Fightstick is going to debut with Killer Instinct. Isn’t that what I call my wiener?

So they show a Killer Instinct fight, and it doesn’t end in a kill move? Shenanigans.

Blahblahblah social media sharing.

Xbox Live Gold will reflect your local currency now rather than points. You can have more than 100 friends, and your current membership carries over.

Crimson Dragon – Dragon combat game! Fly and fight other dragons, as well as gigantic boss critters. Good idea.

Dead Rising 3 – Set in a city called Los Perdidos, hero’s name is Nick Ramos. The Latino demographic has been recognized. Ramos looks to be a mechanic, because that’s not stereotypical at all. You have to get from the outskirts of the city to downtown before nightfall. Open world, no load times, anything can be used as a weapon.

Use flare guns to distract zombie hordes. Blood splatter gets on the “camera POV,” which is a gimmick I never like in movies or elsewhere. Too self-conscious.

Driving – you can run down zombies, but they can also grab on to your car and bust through the windows while you’re driving. “Available this holiday,” which I guess means December.

The Witcher 3 -“A dark, mature and epic nonlinear story.” Open world, like most things we’re seeing today. Optional voice commands for spell casting and such will be exclusive to Xbox One via Kinect.

This really wants to be Skyrim. But with sexy mermaids.

Battlefield 4 – 60 frames-per-second. Yet I’m watching on a screen that only does half that, I think. Aaand technical issues.

Okay, back up again. Lot of smoke and dust in this footage. Feels like a bit of a cheat.

Modern naval warfare, and you’re on a collapsing aircraft carrier being attacked by a battleship. Planes topple over and fall into the sea. Waves crash on you. I’d totally watch this as a movie, but as a game it has almost too much happening at once.

“What” – my thought exactly on this thing that looks like a really zoomed-out and blurry Zelda game. I guess it’s called “Below”?

Don’t tell us a character will be an icon and platform-defining. We get to decide that.

Especially if he appears to just be Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible.

Guy in a raggedy robe in the desert. Megatron from Bayformers 3? No – Master Chief! And a giant robot bird just busted out of the sand.

60 FPS (frames per second) again. Looks like the new game for Xbox One will just be called Halo.

Launch date November, $499.

Jetpacks. Parkour. Planet that looks like Pandora. Mechs. Mechs throwing people. It’s Titanfall, the final exclusive game reveal. First-person. Looks like an Avatar sequel with less colors.

Okay, so basically Halo with mechs. “Titanfall” refers to a mech being dropped from the sky for you to control.

And that’s a wrap, with zero acknowledgement of all the stuff people are concerned about. So their stance is denial rather than backtracking.