Archie’s Done Zombies; Time for Monsters and Aliens Now


Yes, according to Animation magazine, the new cartoon It’s Archie will see Riverdale’s finest “encounter loopy capers involving mad scientists, aliens in the janitor’s closet, pirates, lake monsters and more.”

Though that certainly sounds a bit of a stretch, I can’t call myself an Archie purist on any level to make that call. TR contributor Chris Cummins, however, is as hardcore an Archie-ologist as I’ve ever known to exist, so I’ve asked him to add his comments below.

As a hardcore Archie fan I can tell you flat out: there has never been a decent cartoon based on America’s Typical Teenager. The famous 1960s toon (which gave us “Sugar Sugar”) was plagued by stale animation and terrible voice work. The less said about “The New Archies” the better, and “Archie’s Weird Mysteries” was ambitious but still kinda dull.

However, I like the art I have seen from this so far, even though I still don’t know why it isn’t just based on Bob Bolling’s “Little Archie” work. My first impression is that by throwing monsters into the mix this could have a “Galaxy High School” vibe to it. Which would be awesome.

Guess we will find out soon enough.

Is this an Archie show you’ll be watching?

h/t SlyDante