NECA Reveals New Jim Carrey Kick-Ass 2 Figure, Teases More


Though Carrey has opted not to promote the movie due to his change of heart over its depiction of violence, he already signed off on likeness rights to his character, Col. Stars and Stripes. No word on what the dog thinks. I believe this is the first true Carrey figure since Batman Forever, as toys based on The Mask and Ace Ventura were modeled on animated-style versions.

In other NECA news, they announced a second 18″ Iron Man with a Downey likeness – I’m guessing it’ll be a battle damaged partial resculpt/repaint of their first one – and Mego-style Freddy and Jason figures for Halloween, a la their controversial Django Unchained figures.

They also dropped hints about merchandise based on the Batman Arkham games, and a popular movie celebrating a big anniversary. More will be revealed tomorrow!