Conan O’Brien Finally Has a Dessert Item Named After Him


The Simpsons‘ Springfield opened this past weekend at Universal Studios in Florida, and it’s a little underwhelming, really. What we thought would be costumed characters turn out to be statues, and while it’s cool that Korean tacos are available at a theme park, they don’t quite seem like they should be the top menu item of Bumblebee Man’s food truck.

One detail did catch my eye, though – the ability to buy something called “Ice Cream Conans” at Lard Lad Donuts, commemorating the talk-show host’s tenure working for Evergreen Terrace’s finest. Though the flavors really should have been strawberry and vanilla rather than chocolate and vanilla. You know, to match the colors of his face and stuff.

Check out a video walkthrough of Springfield after the jump, courtesy of All Around Orlando, and see what other little easter eggs you can spot.