25 Years on, My Neighbor Totoro Becomes a Novel

Tonari no Totoro (My Neighbor Totoro) ? 1988 Nibariki – G

Usually it’s older novels that get turned into movies and not the other way around, but if The Toxic Avenger can get a book tie-in 20-some years after release, so can Totoro. Watercolors by Hayao Miyazaki accompany the new written adaptation by Tsugiko Kubo.

I have nothing snarky to add here. Totoro is cute, dammit.

But what other movies could get away with years-after-the-fact novelizations? Oh wait, I know…

Greedo knew he had to fire first. He wasn’t stupid; this Han Solo character may have seemed like a rogue, but inside he was a great role model for kids and would never do anything like preemptively kill a rival. The Rodian’s long finger slowly clenched itself around the pistol’s trigger, as he began to squeeze…

He had forgotten that he was, in fact, a terrible shot.

Consider that my official audition, Mr. Mouse.