Insert “Love…The Final Frontier” Headline Here


Morning everybody! It’s your friendly neighborhood Chris Cummins here. With Luke away on his honeymoon it seems that love is in the air here at Topless Robot. So with that in mind I thought I’d kick off my coverage for the week with the news that Patrick Stewart married his 35-year-old girlfriend Sunny Ozell over the weekend. (You may remember Ozell, well, her legs anyway, from this video). While the marriage of Captain Picard/Professor X/Gurney Halleck is newsworthy enough in its own right, what really catapults this story to the next level is that Sir Ian McKellan is the one who actually officiated Stewart’s wedding ceremony.

That’s right folks, Gandalf (or, as you apparently prefer, Magneto) performed the nuptials. Wonderful.

If you’ve seen William Shatner’s excellent documentary The Captains and its subsequent follow-up series, you’ll know that Stewart counts the breakups of his two previous marriages amongst his life’s biggest regrets. Let’s hope the third time’s the charm. Hit the jump for a very appropriate video…

I’ll just leave this here. Congratulations to Stewart and Ozell. May their romance live long and prosper. Or something. Sorry. (Via Gawker)