Mattel’s First Truly 1987 Movie-Accurate Masters of the Universe Toy

I know, I know – they technically did three of them in 1987 (Blade, Saurod and Gwildor), but let’s be honest and admit they didn’t really look all that representative of their onscreen counterparts. Mattel has fed us the line that they cannot technically do movie figures, and that while they could update those three specifically, they would not be able to do actor likenesses (even with the actors’ permission) and they’d have to be based on the look of the original toy only.

Then yesterday at Power-Con, they revealed this:



So, I’m sure they’ve jumped through a bunch of legalese and all that to make this technically appease the gods of Time-Warner who won’t let the movie merch rights go for an affordable sum…

…but would you say the new figure is based more on this…


…or this?

eBay user “ecgt”

The other reveals were Scorpia, as seen in the animated Secret of the Sword movie, and Battle Lion from the 2002 cartoon. Blade makes me the happiest, though.

Also, hi, I’m back! What did I miss?