Mystery Cartoon Science Submarine Theater 3000 Is a Go!


Last June, an online trailer for something called Captain Cornelius’ Cartoon Lagoon caught Rob’s eye. Spongy puppets with animated faces retrieving videocassettes from the deep and mocking the old cartoons they found on them seemed like a promising concept, but at the time there was no indication where they would actually surface.

Now there is – as a series of mini-sodes on the Starz YouTube channel Union Pool – and happily, these actually are as funny as he thought they would be.

Granted, making fun of Casper the friendly ghost isn’t much harder than burning ants with a magnifying glass, so if you’re going to go into a war of wits with the broad side of a barn, you had damn well better be stylish about it.

They made me laugh. So it works thus far.

Two minisodes are embedded after the jump, and are worth watching if only to see how exactly Casper gets to the moon and what he finds there. If you didn’t wonder how he might do that, you ought to. But won’t any more.