No Sticking Points: The New Steam Controller


No analog sticks, no D-pads – is this the future of gaming? Valve thinks so, with circular trackpads that also work on older games by convincing them it’s actually a keyboard and mouse. It also has a touch-screen in the middle, is designed to be fully hackable…what raises my eyebrow some is the fact that both touchpads and the touchscreen are also clickable buttons.

I say this because I recently bought a touchscreen laptop where it’s all to easy to right-click when I don’t mean to. It’s annoying enough in the middle of Candy Crush, but in a real-time, non-turn-based game it would make me throw things.

A couple of you sent this to me already, and you’re all pretty positive on it so far. Will Xbox and PlayStation follow suit, or is this just an unusual one-off?