Topless Toy Chest: NECA’s Aliens: Genocide 2-Pack

Indeed, I do my photos myself. Can you tell?

I haven’t read the comic book these figures are based on, but from what I can glean, this is the deal:

-The comic was the first Aliens comic not to use any characters or story threads from the movies, but expand the universe further.

-Though the story is about a galactic games of some sort, the general idea here is that the color change represents red ants versus black ants, somehow.

-NECA realized there are only so many movie toys they can do, given that few of the human characters will sell well, and even fewer will grant likeness rights.

Thus, these are your first Expanded Universe Aliens from NECA. With more, apparently, to come – there has been talk of a Kenner tribute series, as well as other comic-book variations.

They get better, I promise. Keep reading.

The two figures are identical to each other – and, I believe, the basic xenomorph now selling out everywhere so I had to get these instead – in sculpt. Insane amounts of articulation here, so I won’t go into every point. But a couple of notable things….

-The elbow joints may be a first. They’re double hinged like so many Spider-man figures, but then there’s also a ball joint on the end of both hinges. This allows for Shatner-esque gestures.


-The head can move every which way, but the side to side joint is a soft ratchet that scares me – it feels like you could easily, accidentally twist the head off. Hot water or freezer tricks may be needed. The back protruberance that looks vaguely tongue-like is removable to allow for the head to angle back in a crouch, though you can’t really get these in a great all-fours position.


The jaw can open wide to enable the extending inner jaw; it may pop off at times like drastic TMJ, but goes back in easily. The color schemes are the main appeal here, with “exclusive” deco trumpeted – the black alien has a metallic wash, while the red has a black one. Both really make the sculpt details pop, and I think the red is my favorite – he’s nicely demonic.

“I shall call them…Mini-Mes”

Scale-wise, they stand taller than the average humanoid in this sort of figure range, as they should, and match up nicely with Predators…and their allies.


Against more standard 6-inchers from other lines, they’re a little big, but sometimes size matters not.

“The alien the real, still i fuck his ass make him humble like the no-good jabroni the Virgil”

Value-wise, I got these for $45 at a store that generally marks things up. Its actual value should be closer to $32, but these aliens are selling out fast, so I suggest if you want this particular version to grab it when you see it. That said, NECA clearly plans on reusing the base body eleventy billion times if they can, so if you’re not picky about a specific deco, you can wait. I’m also told the head/neck joints are smoother on the regular single-card version.


I’m glad to have the red one, and now I need the Big Red Predator to match. In the meantime…

“I break your back worse than the chris brown dog shit go fuck himself”