GIVEAWAY: TARDIS-Style Police Box Wooden Sign by Curio Obscurio


Got wood? You will if you win this contest. From our friends at Curio Obscurio, purveyors of the posted and the painted, comes an offering that you’ll have all the time in the world to admire, relatively speaking. Though it’s up to you to provide the space.

Styled after the call boxes that became the favorite disguise of the Doctor’s conveyance, the Police Box sign is almost three feet wide, and five and a half inches tall – a good fit above most doors.

To enter to win this thing, here’s what you do: in comments below, offer your best theory – serious or otherwise – as to what the deal is with John Hurt’s Doctor. Be SPECIFIC – 20+ people will probably tell me “he’s the one between Paul McGann and Christopher Eccleston,” and that’s not enough. How did he come to be, what did he do, how will his existence be resolved?

The folks at Curio Obscurio will be judging this one, not me – and I have no idea what they do or don’t like in an entry. You have until noon on Nov. 8th, 2013 to enter as many times as you like. After that, the offer dematerializes.