Forget the Snakes. LIAM NEESON ON A PLANE = True Danger


Unlike with those deadly serpents, though, I don’t think I will ever say that enough is enough, or that I’ve had it with this bleedin’ feckin’ Liam Neeson on this bleedin’ feckin’ plane.

Prepare for Non-Stop, the latest Liam Neeson movie in which, once again, somebody tries making anonymous threats to Liam Neeson. To make matters worse, Neeson is obviously a smoker this time around (note the Bilson cigarettes, as seen on Lost), but nobody gets to smoke on a plane. So unless that anonymous person is Samuel L. Jackson (spoiler: it almost certainly is not), trying to frame Liam Neeson is evidence of massive stupidity.

Coincidentally, “evidence of massive stupidity” describes most Liam Neeson movies these days. But in a good way. Click through for the trailer.