Blu-ray Today: Snappy Superman, Oh Kaneda, Fishy Injuries and Spartan Humor


Man of Steel Presumably your mind is made up as regards the ending at this point, and I get it; back in 1989, I was furious with Batman killing. As time went on, I saw some of the older Bob Kane stuff, accepted that in the formative years a hero might make mistakes, and have moved on from getting worked up about it. I think it’s entirely possible that the no-killing code will come as a result of those final actions, but we’ll see. Regardless, Man of Steel actually plays better on Blu-ray than the big screen, as director Zack Snyder had no grasp on how to use 3D, and shrinking the action down allows the viewer to appreciate the performances more, especially Diane Lane as Martha Kent, who was rarely singled out in reviews the first time around.

Extras include a pop-up video version of the film with interspersed comments and behind-the-scenes stuff from cast and crew; you’ll be left wanting far more Michael Shannon, who adds his two cents while playing with his own action figure. Featurettes about Krypton drop more hints about Lex Luthor and Doomsday, and in an incongruous bit of corporate synergy, there’s a short behind-the-scenes look at The Hobbit that mostly includes cast members praising the beauty of New Zealand.

if you are reading this before noon, you still have a chance to win a copy from us. And no, it’s not the copy I cracked open to watch.

Akira: 25th Anniversary Edition – A must-have classic of anime involving two juvenile delinquent buddies with the coolest bike in the world in a future Tokyo, this edition differs from previous versions primarily in its preservation of the theatrical aspect ratio, and the fact that it has both English dubs – the movie was re-translated in 2001 in a way that clarified certain unclear plot points, like the film’s major WTF of an ending. If you’re happy with your older copy, there’s not a lot of need to buy it again…but if you’ve been wanting it, grab this new edition.

Blackfish If you saw The Cove and are still a fan of Sea World, Blackfish is hear to make you hate them all over again, as it probes the deaths of several trainers at the hands of orcas, and comes to the conclusion that their captivity is not just “bad, m’kay,” but a danger to those around them. South Park seems to be particularly fond of this topic, so I imagine they’ll find a way to do something in response.

Nosferatu The original (unauthorized at the time) Dracula feature film from the silent era added one quintessential element to the mythos – vampires catching fire in sunlight. Includes a version with the original German intertitles (with English subtitles) and the English intertitle version, as well as the option to turn off surround-sound for a more classic score feel. Seems a bit like overkill on the cinematic purist tip – If you’re watching intertitles anyway, why add subtitles? – but however you choose to watch this formative classic, you should just do it.

Dexter: The Complete Final Season – I didn’t see it, but does anybody not think it sucked and had one of the worst endings ever? Because that’s all I hear.

Red vs. Blue Season 11 – Halo Spartans get overdubbed with smartass comedic dialogue. Hey, until they do a real movie, why not?