New 300: Rise of an Empire Trailer Finally Clarifies Its Plot


From one Greek mythology-inspired, Zack Snyder-connected warrior woman to another – here are Eva Green and Lena Headey snarling around King Xerxes, and preparing for the follow-up battle that will either allow Sparta to be destroyed for good, or let the Greeks get revenge for the events of the first 300.

And most of it’s a naval battle, by the look of it. I’m still disappointed that there are no mutants and monsters like last time – save Xerxes, who appears to become a magic giant in a pool of golden water, because something something Frank Miller boner – but I finally have more of a sense of what this movie is about and where it fits in with the previous one.

Notice how the trailer tries to make you think Snyder’s directing. Obviously WB thinks of that as a selling point still.