See Transformers 4 Trailer Superbowl Sunday, Own “First Edition” Optimus 2 Days Later

I should probably add the caveat “I’m not sure that a single person reading this will want to do either.”


Based on price-point ($59.99) and box height of 12″, this would seem to be the Leader-Class Optimus we’ve already been shown a few times now, with vac-metallized bits that are probably the bonus part of this supposed first edition. I actually enjoy the movie toys – the fact that the robots generally look absolutely nothing like the alt-modes is a big part of the appeal. I just find it a total cheat when the design is all, “Hey, I’m a robot! Please don’t notice there’s a giant folded-up truck on my back! I’ma fold up inside it and say I transformed, yo!”

If you differ with me on that, this toy can be preordered right now on Amazon. Other Superbowl movie spots will include Guardians of the Galaxy, The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Rise of Electro and Dawn of Some Other Guys, and Captain America: Just White and Blue Because Red is a Commie Color.


h/t GeneralTekno