Ask Luke’s Mother-in-Law: Games, Mailboxes, Bronies and Wolverine Flatulence


Luke’s mother-in-law is former LAPD, a licensed property appraiser and a self-described crazy cat lady. None of which has prepared her for TR readers. All questions and answers are real.

Hello Hello Hello. I had thought I would start this out with with an interesting dating tip, but then changed my mind after the story on the little boy who was bullied because he loves My Little Pony. This is just so wrong. Society really needs to take a step back and re-evaluate. There have always been bullies and I am sure that this will never change. Many times people bully as they feel inferior to another and need to cut the other guy down. I see that some of this stems from lack of parent involvement and kids learning at an early age how to play the system. Can’t count how many times I have heard kids say “I’ll call the cops!” on a parent for the parent trying to correct the child. I don’t mean that parents should beat a kid to a pulp, but we have gotten to where if a parent tries to do anything beyond “oh darling, that’s not nice, please be good” the kid calls CPS (child protective services). Time-outs don’t work when they are in the bedroom with all of their stuff.

I can remember when there was the fear of the paddle at school and daddy’s belt at home. Trust me, the first time my folks saw me at a police station was when I was employed by the police department. I grew up in the 1960s and just having my mom say “wait until your father gets home” was enough to make me stop in my tracks no matter what. Heaven forbid if the school called home because I had been bad – the teacher was always right and I was wasting the school’s time if they had to call. Yes, we had bullies when I went to school, and yes, I was even beaten up in the girls’ bathroom in high school. Some idiot girls thought I was a narc, because I was the only girl in the police science class that our school had. I think they were jealous because I was the only girl in a class of 25 boys. Kind of like the guy who takes home economics; that’s pretty smart. Yeah, maybe the parents should have said that this issue is not great to talk about at school, but on the other hand how do you tell a kid not to speak on something he/she loves when it is something that has a good message of love, friendship and caring for others?

Anyway, that was my soapbox for the day. Next week I’ll tell the dating story if I remember.

Right out of the gate we have a question from…

Kyle A.: How many tattoos of the ‘best fandom’ do you need to get in order to prove you like it?

Well, I personally don’t have any tattoos and never wanted any. One thing that you must keep in mind is that as you get older, tattoos in many cases can start to look like crap. It also depends on where you place them – will you have to keep them covered to keep a job? If you stick them where the sun does not shine, maybe there is no point to getting one at all. I think one should prove the point, but then to each his own. How do you tolerate pain and how deep is your wallet?

William B.: How do you explain your passion for buying toys and action figures to a prospective partner?

Oh I can see both LYT and Mrs. LYT’s hands going up full steam on this one. To start with, when you get up the nerve to ask then over to your place – show them the collection! That is always a good place to start. Maybe even before they see the full effect, ask them what they like to collect. Who doesn’t collect something? As you know, LYT collects toys and action figures; his office is full of them floor to ceiling and even several of the boxes have migrated to my house. Mrs. LYT collects Barbies, Alexander dolls and eeeeekkkkk!!! Precious Moments, Beanie Babies, Star Trek, Hello Kitty and a slew of other things. If you eventually get serious with this person, you will have to set a budget for these types of items, but you should still be able to collect. It generally works well when you find another collector.

richardschneideriii: Is closing someone’s mailbox for them being a Good Samaritan or a felony?

As far as I know, as long as you don’t touch the mail to close the box, it is okay. But just to be safe, you can always check with the post office. I have a Post Office box and I can only open and shut with a key so if I leave it open no one can shut it except the postmaster. If it is a mail box on the street those generally don’t have locks.

alijafferythehunk: Is there a thing as being too handsome?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So I would have to say no, but you can send LYT your pic and I can evaluate if you wish – please only from the neck up. From your handle I would guess you think you are pretty hot stuff. If you want a 50+ yrs old gals opinion, okay, LOL.

Timely-Tardis-Lego: Considering Wolverine has a superhuman sense of smell. Would Farting in his face like in the early chapters of Naruto be a good tactic for neutralizing him?

No, I think It would just piss him off or make him a bit sick depending on what you have been eating.

Gallen_Dugall: Is this whole people asking questions in the comment section just to tempt me into responding to people with my wonky and inappropriate sense of propriety? BECAUSE IT IS TEMPTING ME TO RESPOND TO PEOPLE WITH INAPPROPRIATE COMMENTS!

Good for you. Be bold, be inappropriate; it’s fun and I hope you find this to be in the spirit of good fun. I love to say my mind and from time to time I come out with some really good ones. I think LYT is having people put the questions in the comment section in that this is the best way to get me the questions. I read them as they are posted and at times it is very hard not just to answer right then, but that would kill off my weekly session with all of you.

daniel: is it worth quitting a show because you cant stand an annoying supporting character?

No. This is something that we taught our daughter from the first day she started acting at the age of 5. Once you commit to a show, they are depending on you. If you don’t want to do the show, don’t audition or don’t take the part if offered. Over the years both she and I have worked (I act also) with people that were not exactly our cup of tea. I know a lot of actors that are real jerks, a few directors too, but who says you have to be their buddy off set? If they are not in character on set then the director is not doing their job.

SlyDante777: Dear LYT’s Mother-In-Law: I’m a pretty big video game enthusiast, & I have a good amount of friends who are either into video games, or not that into them but still willing to show an interest (some more than others). But lately it feels like I’ve been having trouble getting them interested in anything I talk about game-wise, to the point where it feels like they aren’t taking me seriously, even when it involves a subject that means a lot to me & the gaming world in general.

Mind you, I’m not exactly perfect when it comes to communication myself…I’m pretty aware that I might accidentally come off as pushy or annoying, it’s kind of an issue with me & my Asperger’s Syndrome…and I’m not sure how much experience you have with video games yourself, but I guess what I’m asking is this: What would be the best way for a hardcore enthusiast like me to communicate with or get more casual fans (either as a single person of a group) to show an interest in a hobby like this?

…Also, Giant Rock sounds f***ing awesome & thus I am jealous of you. ^_^

I have played my share of video games over the years. Granted, I started with Pong and Tetris on a Commodore 64 – god I’m old. I also tend to play the less hardcore types of games. Call of Duty is good, but I don’t like it too much as I have been a military brat all my life and my dad and husband played the real games for many many years, so when you live with a Green Beret and your dad was a Major, war games are not too fun.

But anyway, maybe invite a few over for a game night. You supply the munchies and they bring the games. Ask them to share their faves first. I generally find that if you express an interest in some game they like first, that that breaks the ice. I don’t know how old you are, but maybe even you could give a class or two at your local community center or school on the tips to win or level up in some of the games. Start a blog on the subject. If you are in a small town with a local paper see if they would be interested in a game article maybe on a weekly basis – sort of like what I am doing with my advice.

Yeah, Giant Rock is awesome.

I hope you have enjoyed this weeks comments. On a quick follow up to a last week question – I took a picture of my fave biscuts/gravy at the Copper Mountain Mesa breakfast. I have attached a photo for you all to see. The first one is just the plate of goodness; the second is the full breakfast for only $5.00.



Until next week – be good to everyone; karma can be a b**** if you ignore it. Hugs!

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