GoT Wood? These Hand-Carved Game of Thrones Action Figures Do!


If you happen to be in the Seattle area in March, George R.R. Martin will be presenting a show of artwork inspired by A Song of Ice & Fire at LTD Gallery. And among the items to be displayed and sold there, these caught our eye – hand-painted, wood-carved “action figures” complete with “battle damage” features and their own blister cards, by artist Mick Minogue.

It was a stipulation of the show that the art be based on the books and not the HBO series, presumably to avoid a glut of Emilia Clarke/Peter Dinklage fanfics. Minogue will be revealing 8 figures total, and says he may not stop there – stay tuned to his Facebook for further reveals, but in the meantime, if you want to see the Hound…


via Yahoo UK and Ireland, h/t RTM