Todd McFarlane Hilariously Misunderstands Appeal of Lego, Makes Walking Dead Block Toys Anyway


if I start zooming in on any photo it starts to become square, right? That’s what theirs do. I took my kids to Legoland, and it’s fantastic from twenty-five feet. I’ve been up close and I go, “It’s a bunch of bricks.” I’ve always said, “I don’t get why it can’t look cool from up close.” Our will be the opposite. The closer you get to ours, the cooler it’s gonna be.

With that, and his constant insistence on referring to the studs on Lego bricks as “nipples,” Todd McFarlane introduces his new construction line. Don’t tell him about Minecraft, anyone.

McFarlane’s Lego-compatible (barely) sets are trying to achieve the level of detail in a typical McFarlane toy, and I’m down with the idea of having mini-dioramas in the style of his old Monsters and Spawn Movie playsets. But I think he misses the crucial idea here, and if he even saw The Lego Movie (which I doubt; I imagine Todd saying “Why do I need to see a movie made with toys? I can make cooler toys and shoot them on my phone!”), he certainly missed the point.


That’s a cool Daryl Dixon playset. I like the visuals of it, and I have no fucking clue what the point is of making it Lego-compatible. You pretty clearly can’t build much of anything else with it – we call those “model kits.” Plus the figures, yes, are super-detailed in a way that Lego, Kre-o, Mega Bloks et al are not. And as such, they will not play well together across licenses, which is another reason people love Lego.

Some other gems:

To put it in perspective, the chair [The Governor] sits on, which is an inch and half tall, which normally would be one piece if I was doing action figures, is fourteen pieces. But people have to take it apart to prove it to themselves because they don’t trust me. Then as soon as they see the first nipple, they go, “Oh, you do have to build it!” The makeup on our stuff is just a little prettier than what the other guys do.

Todd, it’s irrelevant whether or not his chair is 14 pieces if you can’t build anything else with them besides a chair.

Wouldn’t it be cool if these construction builds actually look like what they’re trying to replicate?” I can’t be the only guy that’s asked these questions.

Yes, but you might be the only guy in your position who doesn’t get the point that the blocks are supposed to be versatile.

Nerdist has more pictures, and honestly, these are cool – they just shouldn’t be construction brick toys. If you want to make figures that snap together and come blind-bagged, fine, do that, but if you expect Lego fans to buy these and mix it up a bit, you might want to get back to rubbing your nipples.