Megafoot, the Cyborg Bigfoot Battle Movie, Is Now on Indiegogo

Today turned into sasquatch day, somehow. Remember this guy?


Megafoot, the movie that pits Bigfoot against Cyber-Bigfoot, is now on Indiegogo, with rewards that include T-shirts and buttons sporting the uber-cool poster design. Check out their pitch video and animated storyboard for the intro – if this is what the film’s soundtrack will all be like, I believe I shall be well-pleased.

Here’s an in-character pitch for funds ( I rarely contribute to these things myself, but $25 for the shirt they’re offering is worth it).

And here’s the storyboarding of the intro:

For $10,000, you can even get killed by Megafoot onscreen, complete with one line of dialogue (I hope it’s “Whose responsible this?”). For $1,000, you can at least get a photo op with the creature, which means they will be building a full-sized, practical monster.

You know what they say: mega foot, mega boner. Let’s make this movie happen, people! I have no affiliation with the production whatsoever – I just really want to see it.