Jeff Dunham’s Achmed Movie Makes Seth MacFarlane and Yakov Smirnoff Look Like Geniuses



Why talk about Jeff Dunham at all? Well, because despite the fact that he appeals to a more redneck crowd, he is profoundly a nerd – ventriloquism has always required a specifically dorky talent, not to mention an affinity for playing with dolls. And with the money he’s made from branching it out into more bizarre, action-figure-ish characters like Achmed the Dead Terrorist, Dunham bought a Michael Keaton Batmobile and had it made drivable (his wedding cake was also styled like the 1989 Batcave).

So now he gets to make a movie…and it’s animated. Meaning that the one thing he’s really good at (ventriloquism) is a completely irrelevant skill. And dear god, does this look like the worst thing ever. Blending “what a country” tropes with terrorism shtick that Peter Griffin would find overly juvenile, it also looks to try to redeeem a character who is meant to be a comedic villain. I know from my late father-in-law that troops in Afghanistan really enjoyed the Achmed character…and I think they deserve way better than what this looks to be. If Dunham’s this desperate for attention, he should start pretending to be Lena’s dad.

via Uproxx

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